Saturday, December 15, 2007

Episode 9 - Nicholas

It is Christmas eve and Byron is still missing. Lord Slate has been summoned to account for his brothers absence only to discover the Tale of Nicolas.

Listen: The Byron Chronicles, Episode 9 - Nicolas: A Christmas Tale
(37:33, 34.4 MB, released 2007.12.15)

Written by Eric Busby

Featured in the cast were

Laura Post as Chris Sparrow
Mark Bruzee as Slate
Amanda Fitzwater as Gabriel
Elie Hirschman as Piper and Elf 1
Eric Busby as Elf 2
Jon Specht as The Dragon
Bill Hollweg as The Train Conductor
Chris Williams as Saint Nicolas
David Ault as Byron

Music performed by Shane D, Rob VanDen Burge, and Devin Anderson

Byron Theme by Kai Hartwig

Direction and Sound Design by Eric Busby

This has been a Darker Projects Production ... Happy Holidays.