Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Byron S04E01: Furnace

Trapped on a world haunted by spirits of the dead. Byron comes face to face with a foe from his past.

The Byron Chronicles 4.01: Furnace

(18:14, 25.1 MB, released 2012.08.30)

David Ault as Byron
Natalie Van Sistine as Sam Beal
Ben Harmer as Thomas Knox
Viktor Aurelius as the Cat and Freakshow
Laura Post as Leviathan
And Clym Angus Dodds

Darren Marlar as Announcer

Music by Midnight Syndicate
Byron Theme by Kai Hartwig
Script edited by M Sieiro Garcia

This episode written, directed and produced by Eric Busby
Sound design by Eric Busby
This has been an Eric Busby Production for Darker Projects