Sunday, October 26, 2008

Byron S02E03: Halloween 2008 - Faven's Fate

Faven: a man caught between the mortal realm and hell. He has one change to save himself from damnation - but to do so could cost him freedom ... for eternity.

Darker Projects Halloween Special 2008: Faven's Fate

Download (16:22, 37.5 MB MP3, released 2008.10.26)

Written by Paul Mannering

Featured in the cast were

Jim Barbour as Faven
Vanessa Hart as Nyle
Thomas Archer as Vincent
Mark Bruzee as The Suffering
M Sieriro Garcia as Lilith
David Ault as Byron

Music by Midnight Syndicated and Nox Arcana
"Dark" performed by Gary Numan
Byron theme by Kia Hartwig

This feature was produced directed by Eric Busby
Sound Design by Eric Busby