Sunday, March 24, 2013

Byron S04.04: In My Time of Dying

No... This is vengeance.

The Byron Chronicles 4.04: In My Time of Dying

(17:36, 24.2 MB, released 2013.03.24)

‬‬David Ault as Byron
Christof Laputka as The One Who Is All
Laura Post as Leviathan ‬
Natalie Van Sistine as Sam Beal ‬
Ben Harmer as Knox
Clym Angus Dodds as Dracula
Viktor Aurelius as Berry the Cat
Mindy Keenan as Agent Kathine
Peter Katt as the Watch Trooper
and Darren Marlar as Ryuk

Music by Midnight Syndicate

Byron Theme by Kai Hartwig
Script edited by George S. Nader

This episode written, directed and produced by Eric Busby
Sound design by Eric Busby
An Eric Busby Production for Darker Projects