Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Byron S02E06: Dracula, Part 1

There is little point in telling you his story. You would have heard of him already from the various tales, be they in books, films or television. Almost everyone knows of Dracula...

The Byron Chronicles S02E06: Dracula, Part 1

Download (17:53, 20.5 MB MP3, released 2009.09.29)

Written by Eric L. Busby

Featured in the cast:

David Ault as Byron
Mark Bruzee as Slate
Bruce Busby Officer Henry
MJ Cogburn as Mary
Russell Gold as the Bar Keep
Melissa D. Johnson as Mina Harker

Music by Midnight Syndicate
Additional music by Popol Vuh

Byron theme by Kai Hartwig
Produced and directed by Eric Busby
Sound design by Eric Busby