Thursday, October 22, 2009

Byron S02E07: Dracula, Part 2

Because I do not wish him dead yet, Byron must suffer for what he has done to us.

The Byron Chronicles S02E07: Dracula, Part 2

Download (18:13, 20.9 MB MP3, released 2009.10.22)

Written by Eric L. Busby

Featured in the cast:

Laura Post as Chris Sparrow
Megan Pressley as Katharine Masen
Ben Harmer as Branlaven
Christina Boyd as Mina Dracula
Megan Pressley as Katharine Masen
David Ault as Byron
with Clym Angus Dodds

Music by Midnight Syndicate

This episode was written and directed by Eric Busby
Post Production by Eric Busby